Coмғorтιɴɢ Rαιɴ Soυɴd ιllιlı.
Suck A What!!? o.o
☁ Rαιɴ Soυɴd ☁
Spell Bound ☂


Me when Eric got Hep V:

Me when Bill got Hep V:

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There are 2 tipes of Jiwon in this world

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jackson is me

mating season. hobi showing alien his ways.
I really hate asking you this but... can you write me a love letter? I never had a love letter written to me and I always had crushes but never been the one to be fancy about. Please? If not, it's okay! I don't want to pressure you.


I love you more than Onew loves chicken. I’d give up whispering JYP before every song for you. I’d be able to get you a shirtless picture of T.O.P for you. Taemin would rip his pants for you any day. Taeyang is too shy to take off his shirt because you’re too beautiful. Sunggyu opened his eyes for you.

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